ETEM Group’s operation and development is founded on the concept of corporate responsibility. For us, corporate responsibility is focused on actions directly linked to the environment, our society, and the health and safety of our people in the workplace.



ETEM is a leader in aluminum extrusion, among the most promising ones in Southeastern Europe.

With over 40 years of experience and continuous presence in both the design and production of profiles for architectural systems and different industrial applications, the company is committed to serving its customers with value-added products and services.

The company is the first integrated designer and producer of architectural systems and aluminum profiles for industrial applications in Greece.
With the production facility in Bulgaria, and an annual capacity that exceeds 35,000 tons/year, ETEM guarantees continuous, prompt, effective and uninterrupted delivery to all our customers.


A heavy-duty windows system with high-end structural and energy conservation performance. A flat design ensures the system caters to modern aesthetic concepts. High performing in even the toughest environmental conditions. Specially designed gaskets and insulators ensure reliability and energy efficiency. Glazing in frame up to 55mm.


One of the most developed, and best optimized, solutions that combines both standard slide and Lift & Slide functionality, E50 is considered by ETEM partners to be best in class. With the unique capability for such an elegant solution, E50 can accommodate sash weight up to 400kg, allowing almost limitless application. Thanks to the carefully engineered “Slide plus Fixed” solution, the E50 ensures maximum natural interior light and reducing construction material costs.


E85 Security is a curtain wall system specifically designed to offer exceptional burglar resistance and bulletproof protection. Used mostly in commercial construction, such as banks, post offices and other situations where protection is of primary concern. E85 is industry certified at various levels.


We emphasize design, quality, and craftsmanship in all of our work. We pride ourselves in creating elegantly beautiful, unique and functional Glass Installations to make your dream a reality. Contact us today to discuss your Custom Glazing needs.

At Varsa Architectural Glazing, we install a wide variety of double-glazed and glass products imported and sourced from the world’s top glass makers. Come to us for the best in glazing and glass services and add some excitement to the look of your business or home today.